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About Project

To protect & deoorate the surface of the Aluminum it should be powder coating into different colours according to the customer choice. To keep the soul of the wood we introduce wood coating that will give the grains & effect of the wood, which will replace wood in all the means. The extruded Aluminum profiles will be powder coated and decorated by wood coating will be cut & fabricate into different job work, which is mentioned above.

The powder coating is the method of spraying the special type of coloured powder using coating gun and send through oven in certain temperature and cure it out in a drying oven. The powder will be melted on the profile of 60-80 micron in thickness.


Project Info

  • Builder: Ultimate Builders and Developers
  • Client: Mr. Sajeev, Mr Najeeb
  • Type of Job Windows
  • Series: 45 & 105mm Series