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Infrastructure and machinery capability

24000 Sqft. Facility located in Coimbatore to Palaghat National High way near Ettimadai equipped to meet your extreme quality finish on powder coating.

“Save the Greenery” the slogan gives us the inspiration to start this project. This project report is purely dedicated to nature lovers who live in the world. In this modern age every body thinks about environment problem, which we faced throughout the world by enormous destroying of forests to get the wood for the commercial & residential needs. To stop this dangerous problem, which we face in near future without rain & water, the most of the developed countries move into metal for these needs.

Aluminum takes place a major role to replace the wood with its following nature

  • Rigidness
  • Anti Corrosion
  • Light Weight Metal
  • Allow to Powder Coat (Different Colour)
  • Available in different alloy to satisfy the different strength Sustain in all weather conditions

Aluminum can be extruded into hollow sections to reduce the weight of the metal in different gauges, which is used for different purposes.

Aluminum profile can be used for the following job works:

  • Windows & Doors
  • Facades
  • Modular Furniture
  • Handrails & Balustrade
  • Skylight
  • Wall Cladding
  • Interiors
  • Louvers for Substations Etc.,

To protect & decorate the surface of the Aluminium it should be powder coating into different colours according to the customer choice. To keep the soul of the wood we introduce wood coating that will give the grains & effect of the wood which will replace wood in all the means. The extruded Aluminium profile will be powder coated and decorated by wood coating will be cut & fabricated into
different job work, which is mentioned above.

The powder coating is the method of spraying the special type of coloured powder using coating gun and send through oven in certain temperature and cure it out in a drying oven. The powder will penetrate into 60 microns inside the profile surface by melting and it will protect the Aluminium surface and give a different colour according to the customer choice.

Decorating Aluminium Profile & Sheets is realized using a heat transfers a pattern (wooden, marble, granite, and several other fantasies) carried over a special coating, into a single powder coating layer applied on profiles of Aluminium, steel or other materials as well as in the case of accessories. The equipment necessary to perform this process is technologically advanced easy and safe to be used.


Manufacturing Process

Stages of Coating:
  • Pre-treatment
  • Loading
  • Powder Coating Booth
  • Curing Oven
  • Un-Loading
  • Packing
  • Dispatch

The Aluminium profile used for powder coating should be chemical treatment before powder coating, it is a process which is having 9 types of rinsing in different chemical which is filled in 9 tanks should be dipped one by one the 1st tank consist of chemical which is used for Degreasing will remove any oil pa11icle exist in Aluminium profile, 2nd and 3rd tank having water to rinse the residue existing in the profile, 4th tank consist of acid which is used to etch the Aluminium to have a rough surface for more catching, 5th and 6th tank consist of water to rinse the residue available in the profile, 7th tank consist of chemical which is used for chromating, 8th and 9th consist of water for final rinsing then later it is taken to drying oven which dry out the water existing in the profile and should be loading in the conveyor chain using jigs.

The conveyor chain have a cyclic movement in certain speed set by the electronic control panel which carries the profiles with the jig to the Powder Coating Booth where we apply the powder on the profile and thin layer of profile will be coated on the profile will be taken to curing Oven by the conveyor and there in certain temperature the powder will stick into the profile then it will taken to unloading area from there it will taken to packing & dispatch

Decorating Machine for Aluminum Profile & Sheet

Stages of Coating
  • Bagging Machine to Fix the film on profile
  • Suction Table for Sheet
  • Loading
  • Backing Oven
  • Unloading
  • Packing
  • Dispatch

The PU Coated Aluminium profile is used for decoration purpose, the decoration is realized using a heat transfer process that transfers a pattern (wooden, marble, granite, and several others fantasies) carried over a special coating, into a single powder coating lair applied on profiles of Aluminum, steel or other materials as well as in the case of accessories. The equipment necessary to perform this process is technologically advanced, easy and safe to be used.

The operator lays down the profiles, already inserted in a transfer film tube, on the frame resting on a moving trolley located in front of the oven. The particular design of the frame makes the operation very comfortable and feasible at room temperature.

Using the intake air connectors located on the frame, each tube is connected and holds in place to the vaccum system. The vaccum pump sucks the air out from the tube forcing the film to adapt perfectly to the profile surfaces. With the vaccum still in place the frame move into the oven manually where it stays for 3-7 minutes till the pattern will be transferred from the film within the coating layer for 60-70 microns in
depth. The frame has a temperature probe that makes sure the operation is performed under the best conditions.

On Completion of the cycle, the frame exits manually from the oven. The vaccum pumps stops and air is blown into the film tube to cool down and release it from the profiles. The operator can then unlock the profiles and start again with a new load. Once the film is removed, the profiles are ready for checking and packing.

Powder Coating Facility

  • 10 Tank with Dry off oven and overhead crane for Chemical Treatment 8 meter width
  • 100 meter conveyor system
  • 20 meter oven
  • Benton German Burner
  • Nordson booth and gun
  • Pre-treatment Chemical : Alufinish Germany (Yellow Chromating system for aluminium- Posphating for Steel)
Production Capacity

Powder Coating : 10 ton / Shif

Wooden Finish Coating Facility

  • 7.5 meter booth
  • Automatic Loading & Unloading
  • Decoral System - Italy
  • Raw Material : Decoral System
  • Process Method : Heat Transmission Process
  • Coating Thickness : 80 micron
Production Capacity

Powder Coating : 2 ton/shift

Coating Guarantee

10 years external and 25 years internal against colour fading & peal off

Coating Finishes

Smooth, Texture, Wrinkle, Clear, Fluorescent, Glitter, Candy and Special Effects

20meter Long Booth of Capacity 10 ton per day

Machinery Details

  • Powder Coating Line (20 meter oven. 10 tank treatment with dryoff oven. Imported pre-treatment chemical from Germany. Jotun Powder approved by Qualicoat and ISO standard. 100 meter conveyor. 4 Ton Capacity per shift. Nordson Gun)- (Italy)
  • Wood Coating Machine (Italy) - Semi-Automatic Wood Coating machine of capacity 2 Ton per shift. 80 micron penetration. scratch proof)
  • Cutting Machine (Thomson Imported) (Italy)
  • Stand Drill Machine
  • Saw Cutting Machine
  • Comer Crimping Machine- Imported (Italy)
  • Router Machine- Imported (Italy)
  • Freezing Machine- Imported (Italy)
  • Pressing Machine. Bending. Sheet Cutting